Monday, September 27, 2010

Hey Lovebirds, Where You Gonna Build Your Nest?

We developed a new wrinkle in our plans today: Katy's beloved building has gone pet friendly.

Huge one bedrooms, 10th and 16th floors in an elevator building one block from the lake. Same views she's enjoyed all these years.

She's been awesome this whole time about moving in to my place. While the apartment itself is pretty bare-bones, we've both fallen pretty hard for the neighborhood and, in particular, the abundance of street parking.

Then there's the money. Lake views and space come at a premium. About twice what my current rent is. Which means we could technically afford it, as it would be the same as what we each pay out of our monthly budgets now. Whereas staying at my place would give us a nice cushion each month by cutting our rent budget in half.

Katy's coming over tonight to discuss it a little more. I told her earlier, it's a pretty sweet position to be in when your Plan A becomes an equally awesome Plan B. And while there's A LOT to say about a frugal beginning to a marriage, it's hard to underestimate the allure of building your first love nest in a perfect perch up in the sky.


  1. Do friends get a vote?! :)

  2. The perfect perch in the sky of course! I vote for the location most convenient to my 'hood. :)