Friday, March 25, 2011


So I totally dropped the ball on this. I had a good thing going, was enjoying lots of positive feedback, and I just abandoned the whole endeavor like a colicky baby on the steps of a run-down orphanage.

All I can say is that life sometimes accelerates at a pace I never imagined, and the wedding was one of those times.

If we've had the chance to talk to you since November, you know that we
loved everything about it. If anything went wrong, we weren't aware of it. The weather was perfect, we had great chances to visit with the family and close friends who were there. Buenos Aires was charming, lush, fragrant, and, most importantly, warm.

We're settling into married life, waging a complicated socio-political campaign to declare supremacy over the right side of the bed (I WILL REIGN VICTORIOUS!).

And in 43 hours we leave on our first married vacation. Belgium and Holland. Visiting with some dear friends of mine, the only guests who weren't able to make the wedding.

Pictures and stories to come.


Location:Chicago, IL